1st Furniture sees excellent growth through Onefeed Google Shopping Management Service

First Furniture ScreenshotFirst Furniture is a major Scottish independent furniture retailer with over 28 years experience in the furniture industry. With over 25k products in their inventory, they have a very large base of products from hundreds of manufacturers, providing the greatest breadth of furniture items available online. First Furniture approached Onefeed in September 2014 with a view to improving their performance on Google Shopping and other shopping sites. Until that point, the performance across these platforms just wasn’t profitable. Their AdWords agency was managing their Google Shopping campaigns, which was switched to Onefeed – Google Shopping experts. Within the first week of Onefeed managing the performance, the sales had matched those of the whole month before. Subsequent improvements to the performance over the next 3 month period were:




First Furniture - Google shopping feed listing zoomed inMonth 1:

  • 78% increase in clicks
  • 157% increase in impressions
  • 14.6% reduction in cost
  • 133% increase in sales
  • 63% reduction in cost of sale
  • 271% increase in sales revenue
  • Positive profit

Month 2:

  • 27% increase in clicks
  • 97% increase in impressions
  • 39% reduction in cost
  • 149% increase in sales
  • 75% reduction in cost of sale
  • 420% increase in sales revenue
  • 280% increase in net profit

Month 3:

  • 21% increase in clicks
  • 99% increase in impressions
  • 40% reduction in cost
  • 186% increase in sales
  • 79% reduction in cost of sale
  • 432% increase in sales revenue
  • 303% increase in net profit

These vast improvements are not uncommon for Onefeed’s clients due to the nature of the campaign management. All elements of performance are scrutinised daily. This involves negative keyword setting and product level bidding. Alongside the performance analysis, product title A/B testing to improve the CTR of individual products and also ensure that the right products show for the important search terms. In essence, all feed elements are optimised resulting in lower bid costs whilst delivering a positive CTR.

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