Toni & Guy’s Success with Onefeed

Toni & Guy started working with Onefeed in 2012. The initial brief was to work on generating the feeds for various affiliate channels and a select few shopping websites. Initially, we saw a decent number of orders from the free Google base channel which was encouraging, especially as the online store was still in its infancy. As the PLAs started to take off at the start of 2013 we jumped in to test the water. The PLAs and then Google Shopping with other CPC sites have been a huge success ever since and now are contributing a large percentage of all online orders. A large part of this growth is from Google Shopping. Using careful bid management and product level optimisation the results were as follows:


Toni & Guy

Google PLA sales revenue increase of 1207%

Google PLA sales number increase of 752%

Google PLA cost of sale drop of 67%

Google PLA conversion rate increase of 40%

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