UK Tool Centre grows Google PLA traffic and sales

UK Tool Centre offers over 18,000 DIY tools and accessories for the trade professional or the home DIYer. Onefeed started working with UKTC in March 2013 with a view to testing the comparison shopping sites as well as using a centralised portal for all shopping feeds. The Google PLAs were originally managed in-house however since switching to the Onefeed management system for PLAs, the growth has exceeded expectations. To be fair the performance before Onefeed took over was excellent, so it was considered unlikely that the results could be improved further. Through careful product level bidding and close management of the individual product performance these are the results:



Google PLA sales revenue increase of 63%

Google PLA sales number increase of 33%

Google PLA cost of sale drop of 5.5%

All CPC Shopping activity cost of sale drop of 38%


“We’re delighted with OneFeed for three reasons.  First, it has taken the worry out of having to manage and constantly ‘be on the case’ of bidding amounts in product listing ads and other cost-per-click sites.  Secondly, it’s reduced the development work and time needed to create new feeds when trying new marketing channels. Thirdly, we’ve been able to tap into Onefeed’s experience saving us time and effort.  We’ve seen big increases in efficiency with Google product listing ads and love the genuine care they obviously feel towards their customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OneFeed.”

-Ewan Rayment, Marketing Manager UK Tool Centre


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