Aaron Syed - Account Director

Account Director

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Aaron enjoyed his marketing roles at a couple of Fortune 500 companies’ right after his MBA in Sales and Marketing. Aaron’s academic background and personal interest in digital marketing is the driving force behind his work as an accomplished digital marketing professional. To show his appreciation for digital marketing tools and technologies Aaron strives to keep his knowledge up to date with the most on-demand skills such as Data Science for Digital Marketing, Search and Analytics, CRM marketing and email for e-commerce.

Aaron can develop websites, promote businesses and professional services on digital channels and manage the productivity of digital teams. Aaron loves to share his knowledge and insights with others and he is a keen enthusiast of technology management for digital marketing.


Aaron enjoys HAM radio communication in his spare time. He also plays chess with his 4 years old son Asher who wants to become a Grandmaster soon.


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MBA Sales & Marketing

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20+ Years Of Marketing Experience

Interest circle - chess

Chess Aficionado