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Onefeed can now give our clients full access to the rebates available to Google CSS Partners

Our clients know that Onefeed not only delivers excellent performance from Google Shopping they are also working with an agency that has all the accreditation behind them to get them up to 30% rebate on their spend.


Onefeed Google CSS Partner

Onefeed Google CSS Partner Scheme

We’re excited to say that we are now a Google Comparison Shopping Partner (Google CSS Partner). This is a brand new partnership scheme that involves comparison shopping services and websites listing their products in Google Shopping. There has been a frantic rush amongst a lot of agencies to jump on this new scheme and as such there have been several changes as the scheme has evolved. A lot of the requirements and stipulations of this new service have changed drastically in a short time. It’s no longer required to have a new Merchant Centre Account, likewise there is no need to have a new AdWords account. The Google CSS Partner Scheme has made everything very straight forwards to get on the rebates.


A year ago Google was fined in the region of £2 billon for abusing their dominance as a search engine by giving illegal advantage to their own comparison shopping service; Google Shopping. This in effect has forced Google’s hand which in turn has made for some interesting developments that only recently have been crystalised. Google has been forced to divide Google Shopping to become a separate legal entity and as such Google Shopping has to now compete directly with 3rd party Comparison Shopping services for the advertising positions in Google. In effect any comparison shopping site can advertise products in Google Shopping and enter the auction for visibility. All parties will continue to use the same AdWords interface and Merchant Centre services as they currently stand. The interesting part is that by being forced to separate Shopping from Google and treat it as a separate business Google Shopping must ensure they are profitable so as it now stands Google takes 30% of the current CPC costs as their cut of the costs to make their business profitable. So, if we currently bid £1 for clicks we’re actually only bidding 70p and Google takes 30p as their costs.

What this now means is that by advertising through a CSS Partner into Google Shopping, Google Inc. will give a rebate on the Ad Spend directly into the advertisers Google AdWords account. This is on a sliding scale from 20% up to a maximum of 30% which in effect refunds the fee that Google Shopping would have taken previously. This of course is a massive deal for Google Shopping customers and means the current spend levels could and will be reduced which makes this far more profitable. This scheme is only available to EU advertisers advertising on the EU comparison sites, so anyone advertising in the USA won’t be eligible for any rebates.

Google CSS Partners EU Ruling

Average Performance Improvements For Our Clients

Join the CSS revolution

How can you qualify for this?

There are a few options on the table currently which fundamentally all rely on using a comparison shopping site (CSE site). In order to get your rebates you need to be working with a Google CSS Partner which in turn means you have to be advertising on the comparison shopping site and have the same products listed on there as in your merchant centre. We’ve heard of a few messy ways to get round these rules by either white labelling with someone or working with another agency which in turn uses the white labelling site. These all mean that there are several mouths to feed through this process which is ultimately going to eat into any rebate that you will actually see on your bottom line. As an expert in managing Google Shopping campaigns as well as now a Google CSS Partner you have no need to work with any other 3rd parties. We are a one stop shop for everything Google Shopping!


How Does Onefeed Help?

You’ll be pleased to know that Onefeed is part of this scheme as we’ve developed our own comparison site: We’ll be pleased to move you to this new service through ourselves and effectively keep the status quo where nothing has changed and you get the rebates.

Next Steps:

Whilst I wish this was all going to be a seamless exercise and very little change, it’s not quite the that simple.

  1. If you don’t work with Onefeed currently then we need your product feed to upload into our system which then feeds into our shopping site
  2. We need to link your Merchant Centre account to our MCA through email confirmation
  3. We will manage your shopping campaigns for you to ensure you get the best performance based on your targets.


The whole process of moving to CSS Partners has greatly changed over the past few weeks and as such you are now able to keep your Merchant Centre and AdWords accounts with no disruption whatsoever. We just need to link you into our MCA and you’ll start seeing the rebates and the better performance we bring to your campaigns.


There is also more to read here that Google have published:


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