Flush Bathrooms Sees Instant Results From Moving Over to Onefeed

Flush Bathrooms is an independent online bathroom retailer with high growth targets. They have been growing substantially online for the past few years and turned to Onefeed to optimise and grow their Google Shopping advertising. We started working together at the start of January 2017, as the bid automation tool that was managing Google Shopping previously was pushing the bids beyond an acceptable level and not keeping the cost of sale profitable. This is a common feature of bid management platforms as there is very little human control over the performance and hardly any additional features used beyond just setting bids. Since taking control of the account Onefeed has been able to drastically improve performance and profitability and really help the client push beyond their growth targets for the year. Here’s a summary of the improvements


Flush BathroomsGoogle Shopping revenue increased by 33%*

Google Shopping cost of sale reduced by 15%*

Google Shopping sales volume increased by 36%*


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