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Feed management is more than just sending out optimised feeds.

We’re here to maximise the returns you get from all your partners.


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KPI Measurements

Onefeed has been managing feeds and performance for over 10 years.

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Onefeed has a background in comparison shopping when the comparison engines were at their peak. There are a variety of ways to measure the effectiveness of clients and partners as well as the traffic they send through.

Onefeed management system’s core function is to assist in the tracking and performance management of your products. Everything we do is geared towards meeting and exceeding your expectations and targets. By working to these strict and often difficult cost-of-sale targets, here are some of the ways your performance is managed.

  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Cost of sale % improvement
  • Return on ad spend improvement
  • Cost per acquisition improvement
  • Share of voice improvement
  • Click through rate improvement

Keyword Optimisation

Some partners, especially Google, allow for keyword analysis and most importantly negative keywords. A really well-optimised campaign can be badly affected by non-relevant or generic traffic.

Generic traffic is the biggest driver of poor converting clicks, which is often the most expensive cost-per-click (CPC). Being able to review and adjust the keywords and negative keywords, is a vital part of how Onefeed operates. Within the system is a reporting interface that analyses keywords and quickly adds them as negatives.

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Time of Day Reporting / Setting

Time of day targeting is a seldom used option when Onefeed takes over clients campaigns, as again this is really a Google only option. Increasing bids when the conversions are at their highest and reducing them at slow periods (such as overnight), is a key optimisation tactic.

Making the most of the time-of-day bid adjustments is a vital tool for making the most of your budgets. By analysing the data within the system, allows for setting time-of-day increments. With your performance as a key driver, It’s common practice for us to set bid multipliers for multiple time-periods each day.


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Product Level Reporting & Bidding

Product level reporting and bidding is the most important part of the Onefeed service. Every partner requires some level of product level adjustments. For any service that works on a CPC charging model, it’s vital to see what is going on at a product level. Providing this level of detail gives clarity to what is costing you the most money and what needs to be optimised. Many clients try to optimise at a category level which really doesn’t help to improve performance.

There are usually odd products in every category that will attract clicks but not generate sales, but there are also products that are selling as well. Removing a whole category will save money, but obviously, filter out the products that are also selling too. By providing product level reports makes the whole process really easy to manage, especially with products level graphs. This whole bidding process is something that is undertaken for all clients.

Bidding Algorithms / Optimiser

Effective and constant bid optimisation is a critical part of the Onefeed service. Sometimes though our own bidding algorithms are allowed to take action. With over 25 performance and feed values used you can realistically make the optimiser a highly sophisticated bid management tool that only requires limited manual intervention.

Automatically optimising products is an important part of making sure items can’t get carried away, especially over weekends and holidays when manual intervention it’s possible. This optimiser really does help enormously in setting rules as to when it can make changes. When you combine intelligent rules in the optimiser and constant manual adjustments, you will consistently be provided with amazing results.

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Remarketing / Retargeting

Google offers 2 types of remarketing within their services and Onefeed supports both. The first type of remarketing is the Shopping remarketing, which in summary is a means of bidding up in Google Shopping for people who have visited your site and completed certain actions. By managing the bids in this area, clients have seen fantastic success and greatly improved ROI.

The second type of remarketing uses the display network and uses the feed content to remarket in a very similar way to Criteo and Struq. The real benefit to using Onefeed to manage this for you is through the use of product level reporting to analyse clicks. Checking to see what’s converting and pushing these products into different bid levels, to make this a more cost effective and profitable channel.

Client Testimonials

“The results Onefeed have returned for us have been excellent and significantly better than we were seeing before. Furthermore the growth that has been achieved was higher than we expected. I’d firmly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their Google Shopping revenue.”

Adam Simmons
e-Trade Counter

“It has been a pleasure to work with Richard at OneFeed as he has worked hard to improve the performance on Matalan’s shopping campaigns. It has been hassle free as we have worked to achieve metric based results”

Mark Morren

“OneFeed have enabled our product range to be available through our Magento website onto Google Shopping, using their Magento plugin.  The team at One Feed have worked closely with us to ensure that all the data is integrated correctly and that we are promoting the right products.  We are at an early stage but the results are promising and we are looking forward to the growth continuing”

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Andrew Beckett
Simply Pleasure


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