Onefeed merchants average an increase of 63% in revenue and 47% increase in conversion rate. 


Google Shopping

We Are Google Shopping Experts

Onefeed have been managing Google Shopping since the days it was free. We’re totally focused on using our experience as Google Shopping Management Experts to get the best possible results.

Over 12 Years Experience

Onefeed has over 12 years experience of managing over 200 clients in over 25 countries. In the last 12 months alone our product listing ads have generated over £90 million of online sales with over 24 million clicksOn average we have increased our client’s revenues by 63% and increased conversion rate 47%.

Onefeed is all about driving the best performance through our Google Shopping Management system. We’ve developed our own in-house highly sophisticated management platform specifically to control and improve every part of Google Shopping. With our experience of managing hundreds of Google Shopping campaigns our management platform allows us to do things that others can’t do. A summary of the services and tools we’ve developed are mentioned below. Ultimately we’re experts in Google Shopping Management and we’ve got bespoke management tools built to give us total control over every element of Google Shopping.

Ask us about our unique billing model
With Onefeed’s unique performance-related billing model, the focus is entirely on what is best for you.

Performance Related Fees

Fees are directly related to performance and exceeding targets.

Targeted Pricing

Agreed specific and defined cost of sale with revenue targets for every client.

Comprehensive Reporting

Transparent reporting that all clients have access to.

Complete Control

Managing the feed as well as the Shopping Campaigns allows Onefeed to add maximum value.

Personal Service

Treating every client’s budget as if it were our own.

No Time Restrictions

Every client is given as much care and attention as required to achieve their goals.

Feed and Bid Management

Feed and Bid Management

The most important part of the whole process with Google Shopping is the feed content itself. Without good data, it’s virtually impossible to drive good quality traffic. In some cases with really poor data, the products are never found and it doesn’t take much to see where the deficiencies lie. If you’re selling a handbag and there’s no mention of the product type in the title then it’s an uphill struggle.

Badly optimised titles are often the biggest hand-brakes to campaign performance. The Onefeed system has been designed to build the optimum feed from any number of source feeds. The benefit to jointly managing product feeds and bids means there is a consistent approach to a campaign strategy. All that is required to get you going is just one feed!

Feed Enrichment & Generation

Enhancing and improving the feed content is often resolved in a couple of ways, either through rules or manual changes. With a very powerful rules engine that can make huge positive changes to feed data, which is complemented by a product title A/B testing tool. This can rotate titles to find the best one in terms of conversion rate or click-through-rate (CTR).

Purpose built tools allow the tracking of changes and manage how effective these are on performance. At the core of Onefeed is the monitoring of Google’s Merchant Centre errors and reports. Tracking and monitoring everything daily to ensure there are no surprises and data is 100% correct without error.

Click below to find out more about Feed Generation:

Feed Enrichment and Enhancement
Google Shopping Performance Management

Google Shopping Performance Management

Within the Onefeed management system, your Shopping Campaigns are created, controlled and optimised through the Google API.

This management system exports all the best bits of Google’s interface and adds Onefeed’s unique features to assist in the management across every part of a campaign.

Combining the system insight together with the experienced know how, saves an enormous amount of time. Enabling the teams to focus on delivering your performance targets.

Google Feed Rules & Optimisation

With a myriad of ways to adjust and fine-tune tune your campaigns; the real art is using the options correctly to achieve the desired result. This abundance of bid options can prove challenging. A major feature of the Onefeed system is the automatic optimiser. This takes 25 features, stats and assets of your feed and performance data to make decisions on what bids to set or change.

This level of algorithm adjustment helps to reduce the legwork and time required to make simple adjustments. However, these algorithms are not relied upon entirely, but they do help in keeping campaigns on target. Regarding bid changes, everything starts at the product level. All bids, reports and activity are geared towards product level performance. This is where the most value can be added to you. By targetting and pushing your specific products makes this far easier than working solely within the Google system.

Google Feed Rules and Optimisation

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