So What is A Google Premier Partner Agency?

Being a Premier Partner with Google means we are part of the Google Partners programme, which is a scheme for advertising agencies who manage Google Ad accounts on behalf of their clients. The programme is divided up into three levels and to progress to the top level there are certain requirements that must be met.

How Did Onefeed Become a Google Premier Partner?

In order to qualify as a Partner or a Premier Partner, an agency must continuously meet certain requirements in three areas: certification, ad spend and company performance. For an agency to progress through the partner programme they must first qualify as a member and grow from there. This process is done by constantly meeting and increasing the above requirements. Something that not many digital agencies have achieved, with over 7000 Google Partners in the UK and roughly 120 UK based Google Premier Partners, this means Onefeed is a Digital Marketing agency you can trust.

Premier Partner Flow Chart

What Does It Mean?

Achieving Premier Partner status gives Onefeed access to a higher-tier Google team, access to exclusive feature betas, additional insights and allows us to showcase our advanced capabilities across a host of ad platforms. Onefeed officially became a Google Premier Partner in 2018 and since then we have further developed our knowledge within the industry, providing a first-class service for all our clients.

How Do You Identify a Premier Partner Agency?

You can spot a Google Premier Partner quite easily if they have the following Badge present on their website:

The badge should have a link to click through to the official Premier Partner Site on Google if it doesn’t then it may not be genuine or valid. Some PPC agencies display the badge and claim to be a Premier Partner, when in fact they might only be a “Partner”, but don’t worry this is easy to check by seeing if you can click on their badge.

Displaying the Google Premier Partner Badge on our website and other locations means our clients know we have achieved the top Google Partner level. Clients can trust us because the certification means we have met higher spending requirements, delivered client revenue targets and know how to optimise campaigns successfully.

Why You Should Work with Onefeed, a Google Premier Partner:

1. Direct Contact with Google:

Premier Partners have access to knowledge about new Google changes before other users, meaning you will be using technology or exclusive beta programs/features before your competitors. Having this direct link with Google is extremely advantageous not only for the reasons above but if your account was attacked by malware or if you have any questions regarding your ads then you will be connected a lot faster with a Premier Partner.


2. Google Certified Experts Managing Your Account:

Working with a Premier Partner means the Onefeed team must take exams to prove their competence and become certified in Google AdWords. Not only is this a requirement to attain the badge but it also reinforces to the client that their account will be looked after in trustworthy hands.


3. First-Class Results and Performance:

Working with a Google Premier Partner will mean your ads will be as competitive as they can be, keeping your account ahead of the game. Working with Onefeed will give you access to the latest updates, tools and betas that Google has to offer, putting your account on top of competitors.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are not working with a Google Premier Partner Agency, then you should be! Working with a Premier Partner like Onefeed will put your mind at ease, knowing that you are working with a marketing agency at the top of their game. We offer a full-service marketing experience, providing Google Shopping, Paid Search (PPC), Paid Social and SEO to our clients.


To find out more about Onefeed and how we can improve your online performance, then get in touch today.