Onefeed is now celebrating 10 years in the feeds and performance management industry. The story of Onefeed starts way back in 2005 when founder, Richard Wyatt was working at Shopzilla. Shopzilla had just launched into Europe and the world of feeds and shopping sites was expanding massively. Upon leaving Shopzilla in 2006 to form a start-up called Shop Submit Richard and colleague Steve Rivers embarked on a journey to help customers get better results from the CPC shopping sites. At this time there were in the excess of 10 CPC shopping sites around all offering quality shopping traffic and there were very few agencies and clients equipped with the tools and expertise to get the most from these sites. Shop Submit was a management platform specifically designed for managing comparison shopping sites that allowed product level bidding and feed optimisation as standard. This was the building blocks of what Onefeed has today.

2008 brought the turmoil of the credit crunch and a number of clients going under. 2009 brought a new start-up called Onefeed that was to go forwards from where Shop Submit had been previously. We’re now celebrating 10 years of happy customers and a much bigger team to assist in everything Google Shopping and feed related. Over the years we’ve seen a decline in the number of shopping sites in the UK and now the main player in Google having almost total dominance,

Onefeed is now a well established Google Shopping management business that works with in excess of 150 merchants in the UK and abroad. We have one of the most advanced management platforms built specifically for Google Shopping. Our team of over 20 people is based in Bournemouth.

Above is a picture of the team getting an award as the eCommerce Business of the Year 2017 at the DEA Awards. It was a great night and fantastic for us to get some recognition.

Currently Onefeed has a number of badges and affiliations that are below:

Google Partner