Click N Drink: Scaling Profitability with Google Pay Per Click


Click N Drink joined us as a fairly new direct to consumer website for leading wholesaler LWC, aimed at taking market share and establishing their new D2C route to market. Collaborating with Onefeed since November 2021, Click N Drink has now become a rapidly growing drinks distributor selling over 2,000 alcoholic & soft drinks online, with our PPC advertising representing the main revenue driver. After improving the campaign structure greater control and Ad spend efficiency was achieved, with scale being achieved month on month to continually meet the campaigns peak performance and ROI.

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The Challenge

Challenged with limited personnel and technical resources dedicated to the Click N Drink operation, a proactive and reliable marketing partner was needed to ensure daily control and optimisation was spent to drive profitable growth.

Ultimately the campaign objectives were to establish a solid profitable base of revenue and scale this to become a core part of the revenue generation for the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) operation and take the company arm to the next level. With an initial setup underway and basic internal management, the aspiration was to take the website from the setup stage in the digital maturity curve to establish a scalable performance marketing channel.

Our Approach

With limited resource and experience in house, the existing campaigns warranted restructuring to deliver a laser focus on product category, and capture search intention across specific drink types. This would provide the foundations of granular budgetary control, to ensure strong profitability at a category level.

OneFeed’s Client Centre enabled us to take Click N Drink’s basic product feed and enrich it with additional data, bidding rules and SKU level bid adjustments en masse, before being fed into our Comparison Shopping Service and achieving a 20% reduction in Ad costs. This gave Click N Drink the power to capture changes in demand during specific cultural and sporting events in a short space of time.

With limited tracking in place reliance on Ad metrics meant a largely manual approach was needed with direct client feedback to ensure Ad performance was driving bottom line value. Indeed, with an ever tighter relationship and communication, significant uplift in sell-through rate demonstrated through actual sales, the actual value being driven by the paid media channel was proven.

Within a few months’ revenue generated from online sales was significantly increasing month on month, proving the scalability of the channel, while cost of sale continued to decline and improve profitability. Throughout 2022 we achieved results well above agreed benchmark and strong results for the business, utilising brand new Google Ads campaign types to capitalise on seasonal trends, grow the account further and increase market share. 

Having broken revenue records in December 2022, more emphasis and resource was dedicated to the partnership in order to further scale and drive key value segments based on seasonality and market demand.

A closer working relationship between Onefeed’s respective channel account managers and Click N Drink led to a streamlined performance push on profit at a product level. Throughout 2023 we added a further 14%+ revenue growth YoY with cost of sale also improving 14% YoY, with further ways of expanding and scaling even further across the marketing funnel and via additional channels being explored.

Key Performance Stats

"Working with OneFeed has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in crafting targeted Google ads has significantly elevated our online visibility, driving a remarkable increase in conversions. The team's dedication, strategic approach, and meticulous attention to detail have undoubtedly fueled our success. Partnering with OneFeed has been instrumental in achieving our marketing goals, and we look forward to continuing this collaboration."
Cressida Hallsworth
Senior Paid Media Manager

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