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Feed Generation

Feeds are a fundamental part of e-commerce, we’re here to simplify it all for you.

All you need is one feed to get going. The clue’s in the name!


Website Scraping Service

Site scraping is a commonly used method of generating a product feed. However, the suggested recommendation would be that merchants only follow this option, once all other means of extracting a data-feed are exhausted. There are a few limitations to scraping that shouldn’t be ignored, such as database data that can’t be extracted from the site’s HTML. Site scraping is, however, a fairly inexpensive means of getting a feed created that extracts exactly what is required.

Another major benefit to scraping is that it doesn’t require any technical resources from developers. Onefeed can program the site scrape on our side to extract the data, up to several times a day.

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Magento Export

Magento is the most frequently used e-commerce platform for our clients. With this in mind, it made perfect sense to develop a system that exports everything directly required to build the perfect feed.

Exporting a feed to our FTP location when you set the scheduled time. Onefeed does the rest of the work so you don’t need to get any internal resources to set this up. All you need is your site’s FTP location to upload the files to.


Combining Feed Data

There are often times when clients have several data feeds already created which differ in content. Often the trouble is, these feeds don’t have everything required in a single feed. This then requires a brand new feed to be developed at additional expense.

Onefeed is able to extract specific parts from several feeds to build the aggregate feed that meet the necessary requirements. Again this saves on development time and speeds up the integration process.

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Feed Validation & Scoring

All feeds are pushed through a validator, that effectively checks the quality of the most important columns. At the end of this process, a feed score is produced advising what changes need to be made.

By checking for a number of different issues can really help improve the relevancy of the data, this also assists to avoid duplication and keeping all values unique.


Partner Feed Requirements

Every week new feed specs are received for partners all over the world that want to use our clients feed data. With Onefeed, building a feed to the exact spec that is required is quick and easy.

With the aid of rules to make subtle changes to the way the information is supplied it makes integrating a new supplier painless. Having over 175 different feed specs already pre-mapped and ready for quick integration.

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Stock Related Rules

Clothing merchants are required to provide all size and colour variants of a product, so these feeds can often be vast. However, it is beneficial to receive all the variant information as this enables the filtering of products based on size availability.

The last thing you want to be done is advertising very popular products when there are few options left for purchase. This can lead to very poor conversions rates and most importantly wasted clicks.


EAN Validator

Google have recently pushed forward their plans to reject items that don’t have EAN values. As part of the validation process Onefeed is able to identify valid EAN codes and failing validation, can be stripped from the feed exports.

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Category Mapping

All feeds are pushed through a feed validator that effectively checks the quality of the most important columns. At the end of this process, a feed score is produced advising what changes need to be made.

By checking for a number of different issues, Onefeed can really help to improve the relevancy of the data, also avoiding duplication to keep all values unique.


Client Testimonials

“Shavers.co.uk have been with Onefeed for a number of years and I believe this is testament to the effectiveness and quality of their work. By monitoring performance at a product/comparison site level, they are able to ensure we do not waste money on clicks that do not convert well. This has given us the confidence to expand our range of price comparison and shopping site partners as we know we will only list the products that convert well on that particular site. MD, Richard, has always been very upfront about any issues and communicated performance discrepancies that in the past, without the benefit of their cost to conversion tracking we may have missed. We look forward to continue using their service into the future.”

Andrew Edwards

“The results Onefeed have returned for us have been excellent and significantly better than we were seeing before. Furthermore the growth that has been achieved was higher than we expected. I’d firmly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their Google Shopping revenue.”

Adam Simmons
e-Trade Counter

“It has been a pleasure to work with OneFeed, they have worked hard to improve the performance on Matalan’s shopping campaigns. It has been hassle free as we have worked to achieve metric based results”

Mark Morren


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