Alex Kreutz

Head of Operations

Alex started his career in hospitality and later financial services. He has helped businesses expand and grow through their people. Alex has successfully led two businesses into IPO’s valued at over £1.5bn. He has a strong belief that people are at the heart of every business and without subject matter experts, companies cannot grow aggressively and be successful.

He is passionate about the training and development of people within and knows that the best ideas come from the people carrying out the day to day work. “The way you treat your people is the way they will treat your customers”


In his spare time Alex has recently taken up running, he will run over one hundred competitive miles for charity in the next 4 months and many more thousands in training. He is also the owner of the lovely office dog – Charlie Kreutz.


People Skills

HR Legend

Operations Specialist

Operations Genius


“Part-time” Runner