Ellie Spinks

Account Manager

Ellie graduated from Cardiff University in 2018 after studying Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics. She fell into the Digital Marketing world straight after graduating when she moved to Brighton and developed her passion for the industry at an agency there.

However, Ellie decided she wanted to be closer to her family and moved back to Bournemouth and has started her career at Onefeed as a Search Account Manager.


In her spare time, Ellie is an avid baker, enjoys playing squash and loves spending time with her family in Dorset.


Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Search Queen

Google Analytics Specialist

Google Analytics Specialist

Paid Social Specialist

Paid Social Guru

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Squash Player of the Year

Employee Series:

Part of our employee series we will be interviewing some of the Onefeed Team to provide insights into the Digital Marketing Industry and also what they get up to day-to-day at work. Ellie recently answered the following questions regarding what it’s like to work at Onefeed and why she enjoys it so much (see the video below).



1). As a Search Account Manager, what do you get up to day-to-day?

This requires me to manage our search accounts and optimise the accounts on a day to day basis. This includes bid adjustments, controlling search terms each ad is shown for as well as carrying out projects our clients might be undertaking at specific times of the year. For example, building out Black Friday campaigns for our clients who were offering a deal for the weekend just gone.


2). What’s the best thing about working at Onefeed?

I would say number one, would be the people that work here, they are the best thing. Everyone is very supportive and welcoming, and no question ever feels like a stupid one.

Secondly, I would say it’s the clients I work with. It’s very rewarding when I get clients calling me to say how successful I’ve been with their search campaigns as this has a direct impact on their business.


3). What are you looking forward to in the future?

I am looking forward to working together with my colleagues and being part of a rapidly growing company. I think it is really important to work well with the people around you, as this will further develop my skills within the digital marketing industry, not only from my day-to-day job but also from my colleagues and clients I work with.


4). Why should people join us?

People should definitely join us because we are a very supportive and encouraging company. We are at the forefront of digital marketing and it’s the best place to learn the latest trends within the industry. I think this is evident as we’re constantly expanding and growing very quickly as an agency.

We also have free beer Friday, payday lunches and regularly meet for drinks or go for lunch together, which creates a really nice culture and atmosphere to work in.