The Scandibørn story started in 2016 when founder Grace was trying to find Scandinavian inspired furniture for her son Harry. At the time Grace just couldn’t find the clothes, furniture and accessories for his nursery that reflected her passion for this style. In early 2016 she decided to take the plunge and start her own business devoted to her passion.

To Grace, Scandibørn is a lifestyle and an ethos. They want to support independent businesses while introducing talented people to the UK and wanted to do this in a responsible way, by looking out for the planet and the people who make their products.

Grace approached us in March 2017 to help on her Google Shopping campaigns that were struggling. At this time Grace was still in full-time employment and so she was only able to devote evenings and weekends to the business. The aspiration for the business was for her to be able to give up her job and dedicate her time to the business.



To compete effectively in an extremely competitive market and overcome key retail challenges.

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Reduce Cost of Sale
  • Expand into additional territories


Strategy                                                                                        2018 vs. 2017

  • New Build of Shopping Campaigns                                     290% increase in sales revenue
  • Strategic Bid Optimisation                                                    20% decrease in Cost of Sale
  • Continual Keyword Analysis                                                 14% increase in conversion rate
  • Precise and Monitored Product Level Bids


Recent Improvements and additional services:

  • Successful Shopping Campaign expansion to US territory
  • Expanded Google marketing to include Google Ads Search Campaigns in the UK and US territories
  • Expanded marketing channels to include Facebook Ads Campaigns in the UK and US territories


“Onefeed helped develop my business from a small idea to a well-known and successful retailer. They have provided a fully managed service and gone the extra mile to deliver personalised reporting, business direction and sound advice. In 12 months, I have seen the business develop tenfold and am looking forward to our continued successes together.”

Grace Tindall, Founder of Scandibørn


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