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Partnered with Onefeed since 2019, Terrain Tyres has long been one of the most popular choices for specialist tyres. Originally focusing on selling ATV and Quad tyres, they have now expanded their range to stock over 30 tyre brands and sell over 4000 products. Being competitively priced and improving their organic ranking, there has been and continues to be really exciting growth potential  
with Terrain Tyres. 

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The Challenge

Onefeed were tasked with increasing Terrain Tyres’ visibility in the market and ensuring our ads were performing in a more profitable way but whilst growing revenue YoY.  

Having worked together for a number of years, our shopping and the relatively new PMax ads were performing well, with the original objective of driving sales at a fixed spend efficiency or cost of sale. However, to take the campaigns and performance to the next level, it became clear a different approach was needed. Initially, the campaign structure was organised around product level margin targets and segments, but not fully broken out by product type. We were limited in our ability to manually control spend and drive visibility according to product category combined with margins.  
Additionally, organic ranking for the brand was poor, and they weren’t visible at the top of the funnel for shoppers unaware of their brand. This was leading to Search-wide inefficiencies across the awareness to interest and conversion process. Renewed objectives were set with the client to increase competitiveness and visibility, which had been limited because of less freedom to be aggressive at a campaign level.  

Our Approach

In 2023, we reviewed our campaign structure, to be clearer and more guided by margins on specific tyre categories. This gave the account a new, enhanced depth; we could make more informed optimisations where categories varied in target cost of sale. We could move budgets to allow for seasonal periods of the year and drive well-performing campaigns a boost.

Additionally, we doubled down on our audience and asset development, ensuring we were targeting new users whilst capturing traffic from those who had visited the site but not converted. Asset development included tests using more ad-copy inspired by behavioural science, using evidence-based language to encourage engagement. One test campaign saw CTR increase by 7.03% compared to the previous two months. These additional areas of development helped strengthen our ads and give them the solid foundations to be able to perform better.

As the new campaign structure began to pay dividends, revenue and cost of sale stabilised and became more predictable for future forecasting. This gave us the confidence to be able to become more aggressive and drive the higher performing campaigns. With the optimisation work being conducted within our Client Centre system to optimise the data being fed into PMax campaigns, the scope to drive visibility and further top of the funnel exposure was possible. We fixed the marketing funnel and could drive awareness to bottom line revenue in a scalable and controllable way.

Throughout 2023, we exceeded revenue targets and set new records monthly compared to previous years. Whilst this was happening, our overall account CoS was decreasing (-4.5%), showing we were growing turnover, while driving profitability. Working closely with the client on identifying specific areas and product types for further segmentation has been a pleasure and drives performance in the long-term based on the shifting needs of the market.

Key Performance Stats

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