The Drinks Basket: Google Shopping Case Study

Drinks Basket


Partnered with Onefeed in 2017. As a specialist retailer online of niche and unique
wines and spirits The Drinks Basket wanted to growtheir business further, the past 12 months has seen consistent revenue growth averaging over 30K per month. Cost of Sale has been brought down to under 10% . All the management and performance is done through the Onefeed Google Shopping Management Platform.


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Google Shopping Revenue
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Increase in Click Volume
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Increase in Impression Share
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Reduction in CPC Costs

The Challenge

The client has an impressive fulfillment and stock volume so the inital challenge was to grow the revenue and brand awareness and elevate status through Google Shopping. Key requirements:
• Increase Visibility
• Grow Impression Share
• Increase Average Order Value
• Increase Turnover
The Drinks Basket

Our Approach​

Upon launch we created manually optimised Shopping campaigns. Within the first 3 months we created a number of campaigns with keyword themes that
allowed for negative keyword optimisation.

Targets are to double revenue and to keep growing the account through campaign and feed optimisation.

The Onefeed Shopping Campaign management system allowed for granular product level bids as well as bidding algorithms for optimising the campaigns and get the optimal bids for each item independently.

Key parts to the strategy:

•  Strategic Bid Optimisation
•  Logical Restruct ure of Shopping Campaigns
•  Continual Keyword Analysis
•  Precise and Monitored Product Level Bids
•  Title Optimisation to Meet Targeted Traffic

Services Used for Client

Google Shopping

Key Performance Stats

“Brilliant company to work with! They came in and have not only helped us increase our sales but have explained everything each step of the way. Any queries answered quickly even for items outside their remit.”
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