Email Marketing Services

Start marketing directly to your customers, and drive revenue through targeted email campaigns.

We are experts at building conversion-focused email campaigns that will resonate with your audience and enhance your customer journey.


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Conversion Driven Email Testing & Analysis

The key driver for a successful marketing campaign is continuous testing and analysis, to discover the best way to effectively communicate with existing and prospective customers, and email marketing is no different. All of our campaign’s performances are analysed to deduce how they are effective, and where we can improve on them.

By A/B testing subtle changes to the design, messaging, or time and date the emails are sent we can measure what is most effective for your customer groups. There are dozens of excellent email marketing tools that we use to find a winning combination.



Low-Cost Direct Marketing

Unlike more subtle marketing channels, email marketing campaigns are direct, and can yield returns of over £40 for every £1 spent. This is because email marketing software is both cheap and highly effective at engaging customers to make a purchase.

We’ll help you to create a personalised email marketing funnel, with trackable links to determine the success of each campaign and help to improve future sends.

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Eye-Catching Email Designs

We will design distinctive email templates in line with your company’s branding. All of the email templates we create are designed with a goal in mind: whether that’s telling a story, or emphasising a call to action.

We’ll create on-brand templates continually tweak your campaign designs to drive the highest number of conversions.

Bespoke Marketing Strategy

Every business and industry comes with its own set of challenges and unique features, which is why we always take the time to develop a holistic email marketing strategy. We ensure your email newsletters and sales campaigns are sent to your customers to keep your brand top of mind and guide them through the marketing funnel.

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Build Loyal Email Subscribers

If you don’t already have a list of opted-in customers to market to, don’t worry! We’re not just an email marketing agency, we’re experts at attracting new and potential customers through a variety of digital channels:

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Part of the attraction of email marketing is the ability to easily automate your campaigns. Automated emails are configured to be sent based on customer behaviour, for instance, customers that abandon their cart for hours can be sent a reminder to checkout. Marketing automation allows you to keep in constant contact with your customers, whilst giving you the free time to grow your business.

We work with many of the popular email marketing platforms, including:

  • Mailchimp
  • Send in Blue
  • Klaviyo
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Drip
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