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Brands We Love On TikTok

TikTok currently has 800 million active users Worldwide with the app itself having a total of 2 billion downloads from the App Store. With the recent creation of TikTok For Business, brands taking to this new social media platform to promote their brand is an extremely smart move.

We’ve decided to share our personal favourite brands on TikTok and ones which we believe you should be on the watch for.

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1. Netflix

With 5.9 million followers and an even larger 66.2 million likes, it’s clear that Netflix definitely know what they’re doing. From showing popular Netflix stars transforming into their on-screen characters to posting relatable meme content to encourage their followers to take part in hashtag challenges, Netflix are constantly gaining high engagement, likes and followers. 


2. Lush

Lush as a brand is known for being playful, especially when it comes to the names of their products, so it makes perfect sense to translate this over on TikTok! With different regional accounts posting and creating fun and engaging content, they’re definitely a brand you can take some great inspiration from. 


3. Crocs

This one may come as a bit of a surprise, but Crocs definitely know what they’re doing on TikTok. Having employed Post Malone as the shoe ambassador, they launched their hashtag challenge #ThousandDollarCrocs which went viral with over 3 billion views. Whilst their viral hashtag challenge was created in 2019, users today are still constantly creating TikToks showing off their crocs! 



Heading over to this brandTikTok, you can clearly see they understand their demographic and create the perfect content which is both relatable and engaging to their audience. From TikToks showing beauty and fashion hacks to promote brandsto staying consistent during lockdown with content such as ‘work from home clothing and workout videos, ASOS are creating a wide array of content which their users are loving.  


5. Gucci

In true Gucci fashion, this brands TikTok is just as original as they are. By sharing content from their #AccidentalInfluencer campaign, which involves their models blending in with or turning into furniture, you can definitely say this is a unique campaign and is getting people’s attention, 368 thousand to be exact. 


Has your brand made the move over to TikTok 

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