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Google Ads Editor Updated

Google introduced the latest release of Google Ads Editor v1.2, which includes some interesting new features that could be useful for Google advertisers. The changes below might look inconsequential in the grand scheme of things however, they will save lots of time for advertisers managing their accounts and campaigns.


Search for Errors

Instead of wasting time looking at all the possible places the error might have occurred, now users can search for the route of the problem across all campaigns and accounts.


Support for New Campaigns

Google Ads Editor now supports discovery campaigns and app campaigns for engagement. Users will be able to edit these campaigns in Editor if they are already running them, and if not, advertisers will be able to create new campaigns at scale and test them in the Beta version within Editor.


Shared Negative Keyword Lists

To ensure your ads aren’t appearing in places you don’t want them to, you can share your existing negative keyword lists across accounts by applying them in the shared library within Google Ads Editor.


Updated Edit Pane

Users will now be able to condense and hide certain fields within the edit pane. Scrolling through all the ID’s and parameters can be time-consuming and a bit of a hassle. Having the option to hide these fields will make advertisers lives a lot easier.

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