Gmail Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads Rolled Out to Gmail

Shopping Ads to Appear on Gmail

Another big news announcement from Google Ads this week!

From the 4th of March Google Ads advertisers will be able to show Shopping Ads on Gmail. If advertisers are eligible, both product shopping ads and showcase shopping ads will be displayed.

How will it work?

When Shopping ads are rolled out to Gmail, all data will be reported under the GDN (Google Display Network). Standard shopping campaigns will be automatically enabled to run on Gmail, as long as advertisers ensure the campaigns are opted into “YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.” So, from an advertisers point of view it’s a straight forward exercise, as long as they’ve opted in, nothing else needs to be done.

In order for advertisers to show their Shopping campaigns on Gmail, they will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google Ads
  2. Select a standard Shopping campaign in the Campaigns tab
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Under “Networks,” look for a checkbox next to “YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.”

If the box is checked, then Shopping campaigns are eligible to be displayed on Gmail. Other than that, there’s no further action required from an advertiser’s perspective. Simple! 

If you’re interested in advertising your shopping ads through Gmail then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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