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Google Updates Keyword Planner

Google has made the Keyword Planner more helpful for advertisers, by giving users the ability to share new keywords with everyone who needs to see them. The Keyword Planner is a useful tool for advertisers wanting to get historical metrics, forecast future performance and search for new keywords, however, beforehand it was difficult to share these keyword plans with everyone.
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Google has given the example of: “a sports retailer planning to launch three new product lines: running shoes, fitness apparel and gym accessories”.  Well in the past, in order to share the keyword plans, you would have needed to create, download and email them individually for each product line. However, now advertisers will be able to create separate plans for each product line and share them directly with others for feedback, all without leaving Keyword Planner. i.e. one for running shoes, one for fitness apparel and one for gym accessories.
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This update isn’t revolutionary for advertisers using Google Ads, although it is another feature which will make user’s lives quicker and easier.
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