Core Search Update

Multiple Google Updates Confirmed

Google have confirmed an update of sorts!

By this point you might have heard the rumours about an unconfirmed Google Search algorithm update. However, it is now been somewhat confirmed that Google has made “several updates” but not an official CORE search update.

Google’s public liaison of search, Danny Sullivan responded to all the queries on Twitter:

“We do updates all the time. I would suggest rereading our general advice about this…”

“Some have asked if we had an update to Google Search last week. We did, actually several updates, just as we have several updates in any given week on a regular basis. In this thread, a reminder of when and why we give specific guidance about particular updates….”

So, was there an update?

Of sorts yes. As you can see from above, it wasn’t classified as a broad core update, as Google will usually pre-announce these bigger updates and let people know beforehand. Nonetheless, whatever Google released or updated last week it had a vast impact on general core rankings. This is quite clear from the results that the SEO community gathered. Specialists noticed dramatic fluctuations in rankings from the 7th of February 2020 to the 12th of February 2020. Was this attributed to changes in Google updates? Yes.

Why does this update matter?

With a major Google update, consumers are usually notified and sometimes given advice or areas to look at, so they know how to combat any changes. Other times Google will give little to no advice and users are just expected to make their site better. In this particular example, users have been told next to nothing, so a lot of the rumours are merely speculation. However, based on all the evidence we can assume a rather large update has taken place and working within the digital marketing industry its useful to know this. Thousands of businesses have been affected by this disturbance last week and consequently caused site rankings to go up and down in the Google organic search results.

We advise eCommerce businesses to monitor their organic rankings over the next few weeks and keep their ears peeled for future Google updates.

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