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New Popular Products Section in Google Search

The latest update from Google is specifically targeting online shoppers, by showcasing products from top brands and stores when users have searched for a particular product.

For example, we searched for “Tweed Jackets” and instead of the search results just showing URL’s to different sites, users will now see photos of the most popular products at the top of the page, like this:

This new format will show up when shoppers search for any clothes, shoes or accessories but I am sure that Google will have plans to expand this further into other industries and departments in the future.

In addition, users will be able to filter results further by “department, style or size”, see the mobile screenshot below:

The new update makes browsing search ads a very visual process and will inevitably attract more shoppers to click on adverts due to the user-friendly format.

Another handy new feature means it’s possible to read product reviews without leaving the search results, however, users will have to visit a retailer’s website to finalise the purchase of the product.

How Do Retailer’s Feature in the “Popular Products” Section?

If you’re a retailer wanting your products to feature in the most popular section of the search results, then you will need our help! Our Google Shopping management service can set up your product feed in Google Merchant Centre and apply the appropriate structured data mark-up to the product pages, which will enable your products to feature in the “popular products section”. This new feature will undoubtedly increase retailers’ organic traffic, so get in touch today for us to increase your site traffic and consequently your revenue.