The 5 Benefits of PPC Advertising

Firstly, What Is PPC in Marketing?

PPC stands for “pay per click” advertising, it is a paid digital advertising method used to drive traffic to websites and ultimately generate conversions. These conversions can come in the form of a sale, a phone call, or even a returned enquiry form – it all depends on what your business is aiming for.

A major PPC provider is Google Ads. Google’s ad services work by pushing your ads alongside relevant search results, putting your business in the right place at the right time when a consumer is specifically looking for a product or service you sell. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, also has an advertising platform called Bing Ads, which places your adverts to the searchers using Bing.

PPC campaigns don’t all cost the same amount of money. PPC requires careful and strategic bidding, as well as a carefully planned budget to help push your business as far as possible without costing more than you’re comfortable with. Google Ads works like a super speedy auction, with Google pitting businesses against each other every time you search— the more competitive or broad a specific search term is, the more it’s likely to cost.

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What are Google Ads?

Google ads allow advertisers to bid on keywords to appear as an advert above, and often below, the organic search results. Every time a search is made on Google, it performs an instant “auction” between all the ads vying for a position on the results page. The winners of the auction are based on two key factors: their bid for the search term (which we call the “keyword”), and the quality score of their ads.

Google searches account for 85% of all searches, and around 40,000 searches happen every second, so having PPC as part of your business strategy is absolutely crucial. 


How to create a successful PPC campaign?

Creating a good PPC campaign can be tricky, but when successful, your business will really reap the rewards! According to WordStream, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online. 

An aspect of a successful Google ad campaign is its Quality Score. Quality Score is made up of a number of components, such as the landing page experience, the expected click-through rate, and the relevance of the ad to the keyword. You need to make sure your campaigns are optimised to their full potential to get your ads to the top position on a Google search. This can be done in a number of ways, with elements like the landing page you use and the ad copy’s relation to the copy on your webpage affecting how Google ranks your ad.


How does PPC benefit a business?

Having a budget for PPC has a massive impact on businesses and brands. If you’re starting to understand just what PPC can do for you, we’re sure you’ll want to know exactly what benefits successful PPC can add to your business. 


5 Key Benefits of PPC:

1. Gain more brand recognition 

When creating any campaign, one of your goals may be to increase brand recognition. By having ads appear in Google search results, your brand will be right in front of potential customers. 

2. Quick impact 

Once you create a Google Adwords campaign, you can expect to see speedy results. Once the ad is created you’ll start to see how effective your keywords are and how high up you rank.

3. Advertise locally or globally 

Google Ads allows you to target specific customer locations. In being able to target a specific country or area, you’re able to advertise to a brand new customer base. 

4. Choose a budget that suits you 

PPC campaigns allow you to set a daily ad spend, so you won’t spend more than you’ve anticipated! 

5. Measure your ROI

PPC advertising allows you to clearly measure your return of interest and see just how well each ad is working. Along with viewing ROI, you can also monitor impressions and the number of clicks your ad is receiving. If you can see this clearly, you can change your strategy to get the most out of your PPC. 


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