AccuRate - Google Shopping Rating Tool

We Have Launched AccuRate – Our New Free “Self Service” Ratings Tool

Important news!

We have launched AccuRate our new free “self service” ratings tool.

Find out how effective your current Google Shopping campaigns are.

Onefeed has developed and launched a free to use self-service ratings tool called AccuRate, that will quickly and efficiently review Shopping campaigns and provide a score out of 120 as an indicator of how effective the campaign is working. There are six elements that Evaluate analyses that will help our clients understand where they are struggling to achieve required performance targets.

It also gives users a simple to understand score for each of the six campaign elements. It’s a tool that allows just read-only single use access, that doesn’t create a partnership between Onefeed and the clients that want their campaigns rated. We developed the tool in-house to help drive improvements in campaign performance, and it’s already proving to be a really useful analysis tool.

You can save and print the output. Contact us to get the link. It will take you about 5 minutes to set yourselves up, and then you are all good!

There is a “More Information” button which contains lots of helpful content.

For further information please contact:

Tell: 0800 130 3140

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