2020 Death of the tablet

Will 2020 be the Death of the Tablet?


Now 2020 is upon us, we at Onefeed think it’s crucial to look back at the last few years of the decade and recognise the importance of different device traffic and how this can impact online shopping revenue. Back in 2016 the average combined number of mobile and tablet users finally overtook the number of desktop users globally and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.



With an increasing number of mobile and tablet users making purchases online, a retailer must be aware of the potential impacts this could have on their traffic and sales. As a retailer are you making full use of the different types of devices? Are your websites fully optimised to cater for mobile ads and purchases?


Rise of the Mobile Shopping Experience

Last year 58.9% of mCommerce (mobile eCommerce) was attributed to smartphones with predications of this rising to 71.2% by 2023 (eMarketer). If you thought the hype in “Mobile” traffic was going to be a fad then you have been mistaken, device traffic has increased exponentially over the last four years.

For example, in 2019 Cyber Monday saw 54% of worldwide visitors came from mobile devices and specifically 33% of purchases for that day were made on a mobile device. It’s now become a fact that most online customers will be engaging with a retailer’s website from a mobile device.

Having your website and adverts optimised to be mobile friendly is crucial, especially if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. We found potential customers using a smartphone to browse a website that is not mobile-friendly will on average:


  1. Perform fewer Desirable Actions
    Such as making a purchase or calling a phone number
  2. Return to the Search Engine Results
    Probably end up visiting a different website/company
  3. Spend less time Browsing the Site
    Mobile users are quick to give up on a poor website if it’s not user-friendly.


In 2015 Google announced, having a poor mobile website can drastically affect your companies ranking on their mobile searches. We found the more mobile-friendly the website, the more the retailer and the customer benefit.

Ensuring the shopping campaigns are well constructed and clearly visible, the more customers will be redirected to the website, increasing conversions and revenue.


Onefeed’s Thoughts

We extrapolated some data from thousands of the  accounts we managed from the last three years and the results were extremely interesting (See Below):


Looking at these graphs it is quite clear that “Mobile” is the dominating upcoming platform, overtaking Desktop and Tablet, confirming our beliefs on the success of mobile.

What is worth noting, is Tablet Impressions declined 2% from 2018 to 2019, while Mobile and Desktop Impressions both increased from 2017. The decrease in Tablet Impressions shows that users are preferring to use Mobile and this year could be the start of a whole new era, where some shoppers do the majority or all their shopping just using their smartphones. Could 2020 be the year tablet sales completely diminish?

If you’re still not convinced by the dominance of Mobile Shopping Adverts from our Impression data, then look below at the increase in Mobile Conversions from the same accounts:


Mobile Conversions have steadily been increasing over the last three years and we expect this trend to continue in the future. Some of the ways we increase our client’s mobile shopping campaign performance is by:


  • Differentiating Mobile Shopping Ads
    Optimising ads for mobile increases shoppers purchasing habits if it’s easy to read and use.
  • Being Price Competitive
    Setting the right bid to increase clicks and conversions.
  • Understand Mobile Shoppers Behaviour
    Keeping up to date with insights to make strategic decisions about mobile shopping campaigns.


If you would like to find out more about mobile campaigns and how we can help you optimise them for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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