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6 Tips You Need To Boost Your Organic Social Media Engagement

If you’re on social media platforms there’s no doubt you know all about engagement and reach. Whilst you’ve probably heard the benefits paid social media can have for your pages, organic social media is just as important and a key factor to getting engagement.

Engagement can be anything from likes, reactions, shares to comments and saves. These all go towards your social media engagement analytics. Once your page has high engagement, you’ll start to see followers and likes come through which helps towards making a loyal following for your brand.


1. Understand your audience

One of the most important factors towards getting organic engagement is to know your audience inside out! Understanding your audience can help you decide how often to post, social copy, and what you’re going to share.

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2. Have a strategy

Once you’ve gotten to know your audience – have a strategy! Use the insights on your social media pages and see when the best time, along with the best days to post to help gain more exposure and growth.


3. Create high-quality content

When gaining engagement put yourself in your audience’s point of view and create content which you would like on your social media feed. Creating images or videos that stand out, followed with catching social copy is a sure way to gain likes and follows.

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4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are crucial when it comes to gaining organic likes and an engaged social media audience. Using hashtags helps get your posts on newsfeeds which can help gain new followers. Whilst there are generic hashtags that trend on a daily basis and will gain you likes on your posts, they won’t transfer to a loyal audience so make sure to use hashtags relevant to your page and content.


5. Stay on trend

Social media is one of the fastest moving platforms and with that means there are constant topical and trending events happening! Jumping onto big, current trends is a way to show your audience that you are able to keep up whilst also using the trending hashtags to help gain more growth and engagement.


6. Make a move

On social media, there are two types of interactions with your audience: reactive & proactive. Reactive is answering direct messages, comments and mentions whereas proactive is when you make the first move! Interact with people talking about your brand along with relevant conversations based on keywords or phrases and this is a sure way to gain more followers.


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