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Everything You Need to Know About Social Advertising

We’re sure you’ve come across brand posts whilst scrolling through your social media newsfeed – perhaps for a product you’ve recently searched for or something very similar. These posts are called social ads and trust us, just about every brand under the sun uses them! At Onefeed, we see ourselves as social advertisement experts, so we’ve put together a quick blog to give you the lowdown on advertising on these platforms.


Facebook Ad Management


What are the Types of Social Advertisements That I Can Make?

There are plenty of different styles of social ad for you to choose from, and different styles can work for different types of products or audiences. The style you want to use to promote your product entirely is up to you, but we will use our expertise to give you our recommendations on what will work best! Social advertisements can be shared as photo, video, story, carousel, slideshow, messenger or collection ads. Once you make your social ad, you should start to see speedy results.


What are the Benefits of Social Advertising?

Creating social advertisements is a great way to really get your brand out there and reach a larger customer base. Social ads also offer a lot of benefits, some which you might not have even thought about! These include:

  1. Improve your brand recognition and brand loyalty
  2. Heightening your ability to connect with your audience
  3. Increase website traffic and help convert this traffic to sales


What Social Platforms Can You Advertise On?

Social ads can be promoted on all your favourite social media platforms! Each platform has different advertising options, so we thought we’d sum up each platform for you.


  1. Facebook

Facebook advertising is one of the most popular options! With over 2 billion active users, Facebook allows you to reach a large audience and gives you an opportunity to advertise to nearly anyone and everyone. Facebook offers a unique targeting system by allowing you to cater your ads towards users based on locations, interests, behaviours and other useful elements.  Photo ads are our personal favourite to use on Facebook due to the single image or carousel option. This provides you with two options for sharing your images, with single image ads making a bold visual statement, and carousel ads enhancing user interaction with your ad. Did you know that by choosing a carousel option Facebook will automatically place the product that is selling or gaining the most clicks at the start?! Think of this as a unique customer insight!


  1. Instagram

This type of social media advertising is quite similar to Facebook, which makes sense since the platform is actually owned by Facebook! Instagram allows you to create photo and video for both main feed or for the Stories feature. Advertisements on this social media platform rely on being visually pleasing, so make sure to choose strong images to really help your ads stand out. One thing to remember when choosing to advertise on Instagram is that the platform boasts having a 58% high engagement than Facebook and 2000% higher than Twitter.


Instagram Logo on phone


  1. Twitter

Many businesses love using this platform to make direct sales! The ability to create short, relevant tweets helps to promote brand awareness and push specific products to gain direct conversions. Whilst running a Twitter ad, make sure to keep tweeting on a regular basis to make your ad gain more engagements.


  1. Pinterest

This platform is great for sharing unique and homemade giftable products! Many Pinterest users login to get shopping and gift inspiration, to be specific, 2 in 3 users utilise their feed for just this. Pinterest is a strong platform for e-commerce businesses to use as it provides them with high levels of engagement and boasts an algorithm that positively boosts branded advertisements. Social advertisements on Pinterest stand out from normal pins by showing on the newsfeed as a Brand Pin.


Pinterest on laptop


Who Can Create Social Advertisements?

Now you’ve got the know-how on the different platforms you can promote on, we’re sure you’re eager to start creating your own! The good news is, every business can create social media ads. All you need are some great images, a small budget to help promote these posts, and a socials whizz to make sure your account is performing to the best of its ability.


How do I Start?

You might have some or even all of the social networks, great images, and a budget – but you’re either scared to take the next step or just don’t have the time.

Don’t worry, Onefeed can help you start to create highly successful social advertisements. Our expert team will use their knowledge to create advertisements and manage the particulars of your account, from bids to demographics.


If you would like Onefeed to help your business start social ads management, contact the team today.