Monday Shopping Fever - Blog Post (2)

Monday Shopping Fever

What is the best day of the week for online shopping and is this changing?

Ever wondered what day of the week online sales peak? We thought we would investigate this a little further and the results we gathered are quite surprising.

Knowing which days of the week online shoppers are most likely to visit your store or click on an advert to make a purchase is crucial information. Having this knowledge will enable a retailer to increase their revenue by optimising their eCommerce operations, help to schedule their marketing campaigns and generally increase their staffing for peak demand times.

Day of the Week Conversions:

As you can see from above, the graphs are conclusive and clearly show an increase in conversions on a Monday. Historically speaking Sunday was always the busiest day for website traffic, conversions and overall revenue. However, looking at the data, there has been a shift in consumers purchasing habits. We found shoppers always purchased more at the beginning of the week, especially after any holiday or time off work. It seems a bit of retail therapy to start the working week is rather popular with shoppers.

Inhibiting Factors

It’s important to understand there are several variables that may affect a retailer’s revenue when selling products throughout different days of the week. At Onefeed, we have recognised that Monday is now one of the biggest days of the week in terms of conversions, however, this data has been collected from hundreds of different clients and depending on the type of industry you’re in then this may vary. Not to mention the type of device that is used and whether the consumer is a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer.

Below we look further into device usage and the impacts this can have on performance:

As you can see from the above graph, Mobile and Desktop Usage was higher on Monday’s, compared to other days of the week. So, ensuring your website is fully optimised for different devices is crucial to maximise revenue for different days of the week.

Other considerations that should be accounted for when looking at the most popular days of the week are noteworthy dates throughout the year, that have the potential to skew your data. For instance: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and any other high traffic days throughout festive periods. We found that using the above data as a general indicator in conjunction with your knowledge of historical trading patterns is the best method.

Onefeed’s Thoughts:

Our advice is to recognise that Sunday is still an important date for eCommerce businesses but in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, retailers should gear up for an even bigger Monday. Online Shopping is the perfect platform to ease workers back into the working week, perhaps they didn’t finish all their weekend shopping, couldn’t find what they were looking for on the high street or didn’t have time to complete all their errands. Whatever the exact reason might be, identifying future trends and markets is key to stay ahead of the curve and maximise ROI & increase conversions.

If you would like an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency to help you optimise your traffic and increase your revenue on different days of the week then get in touch here.

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