With our paid social media advertising package we will promote you, your services, your content, and more to users, ensuring that you are visible to an audience who is interested in your product or brand.


Paid Social Advertising
Paid Social Advertising

How Can Paid Social Media Advertising Help My Business Grow?

Currently, three-quarters of active internet users in the UK visit Facebook regularly, however, only 4 million companies use the site for paid advertisements, despite there being around 50 million active business pages.

This provides a perfect opportunity for advertisers like us to reach your audience and generate conversions; when you start to consider other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, including paid social media advertising in your marketing budget can be very fruitful. As a paid social agency, Onefeed can help you to get ahead of 90% of social media-active businesses by advertising through these channels.

We excel at creating a Paid Social Media strategy that will help make your brand visible and heard on platforms where it’s easy for your voice to get lost. We can pinpoint exactly which audience your ads should cater for, and we understand the importance of creating attractive and unique content with a distinct brand look.

We can make this possible by expanding your existing branding or even creating a brand-new strategy for developing a new tone for your business.


Target Your Ideal Customers

Does your brand appeal to females aged 24 living in London? You can target just that customer! Create custom audiences to target potential, future, and current customers using the customer persona data you know.

Reach A Greater Number of People

Reach a larger audience instantly! Paid ads are guaranteed to appear on a particular user’s feed, making your brand easily stand-out and helping to generate brand awareness and sales.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

As your ads will be shown in a user’s feed regularly, you can be very visible which can help grow your credibility and engagement, as well as drive those all-important purchases.

Gather Key Market Insights

Get an insight into key social advertising creatives by viewing KPI’s for your ads in order to create the best customer persona. The more ad clicks you get, the more you’ll know about your customers!

Results Driven Methodology

Paid Social Advertising

Social Platform Recommendations

After we have established your key audience, we help you understand which social channels to utilise for your paid ads. We will be able to establish a plan for your current social channels and recommend any additional channels that will help you reach your audience. Whether it’s creating an aesthetically pleasing Pinterest Board or keeping up with the latest trends on TikTok, we’re experts at helping you get the most out of any platform!

Ad Creatives

Creating ads which appeal to your target audience is a skill we have mastered. Once we’ve identified your key audience, we create ad copy that is not only appealing to them, but also highlights key messaging to influence shopping behaviour. Along with creating content that appeals to your audience, we ensure that this fits in with your own style and tone – don’t worry if you haven’t got one, we can work with you to create it!

Display Advertising

Social Channels We Work With



Got your pixel? Got your catalogue? Let’s start retargeting your customers! Whether it’s carousel ads or static images, we can create visually pleasing ads which target current customers or branch out to an all-new audience with Facebook ads .



Get our help mastering the art of aesthetically pleasing ads on Instagram. If you’re looking to advertise anything visual – be it fashion, furniture, art, or otherwise – Instagram can allow you to re-engage with a variety of audience types.



TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020, and a recent partnership with Shopify makes it the best platform to promote your business to a brand-new audience. We will help you get creative with your content, and will use key targeting techniques and hashtags to reach the right shoppers.



Perfect for B2B, on LinkedIn we can clearly advertise just what you can offer to other businesses. Whether your goal is conversions, brand awareness, or making new connections, LinkedIn ads are great for engaging with like-minded customers.



With 47% of Pinterest users logging on specifically to shop, hitting up this platform is definitely worth it! We can create visually pleasing pin boards, boost pins and products using product related keywords, and help your revenue grow.



We can help promote branded tweets and push your account on Twitter – and we won’t forget to #hashtag! We make sure you’re tweeting louder than your competitors to push your products and services.


Why Choose Onefeed As Your Social Media Agency?

By choosing our Paid Social Media Management Package, you’ll be allowing experienced social media agency to maximise your brand recognition and revenue. We offer you:

Ad Campaign Creation

We are experts at understanding social media advertising. We will create a strategic plan detailing which products you should push, your ad creatives, and your audience targeting, and will then implement this.

Dedicated Social Media Manager

Once signed up, your Social Media Manager will ensure your account is performing to the best of its ability, and will constantly monitor performance and trends.

Monthly Reports

We will analyse performance and detail what changes we’ve made and why in a monthly report. You will be able to review this, and your Social Media Manager will be available for regular calls to discuss any queries you may have.

Drive Higher Revenue

An Increase in leads and/or sales (depending on your target), and greater interaction with your social media pages. We’ll create unique and attention grabbing ad content that will help you stand-out from your competitors.

Expert Advice

As a social media ad agency, we’ll update you on customer and industry trends, as well as any changes to the way you can advertise on your chosen platforms. We can also offer organic social media services to help you manage your full social strategy.

Breaking Through The Social Media Noise

Social Media is an extremely crowded place, with most voices drowned out and left struggling to be heard. Although there are numerous ways to cut through this noise, one method which is extremely effective is paid advertising.

Paid social media advertising allows you to promote yourself, your services, your content and more to users, ensuring you will be visible and heard amongst the cacophony of cat memes and such that pervade social channels.

According to HootSuite, spending on Social Media Advertising will be in excess of $35bn by the end of the year, with Twitter already demonstrating this increase. By having a paid social media strategy, you are protected against relying on organic visibility; something that is rapidly dying out across all forms of social media.

At Onefeed we’ll help you break through the social media noise and get your products and services in front of your target audience.


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