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Social Media Campaigns Overview

Onefeed has been partnered with Park Cameras for over 3 years, and over this time we have seen the business go from strength to strength. Park Cameras is one of the top independent photographic retailers in the UK, serving the needs of all photographers from enthusiasts to professionals. The wealth of experience, product range and business ambition at Park Cameras is evident, and they sought to align with an agency that could bring a comparable level of expertise to the table.

The results highlights the success of our comprehensive, full-funnel approach for Park Cameras. Integrating strategic testing, and precise audience targeting at different points of the journey to conversion, built an audience of interest, before working to convert this interest. The significant year-over-year growth we’ve achieved validates the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategy, confirming its positive influence on engagement metrics and overall business performance.

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The Challenge

Assured of the competitive pricing and quality of their products, Park Cameras enlisted Onefeed to elevate, amongst other channels, their paid social presence, while driving sales growth. The challenge was to stand out in the crowded photographic retail industry within the realm of paid social advertising, while also affirming the messaging from PPC and organic channels to allow for a clear and consistent digital presence.

Our Approach

In the initiation of Park Cameras’ campaign partnership with Onefeed, our primary objective was to drive in-store foot traffic to their physical stores, as well as grow their social reach through top of funnel objectives.

While this still plays a part in our approach, the focus has now switched to driving revenue through a strategic and scalable paid social account structure. The emphasis lays on achieving key performance objectives, with a focus on driving website traffic and purchases —a goal rooted in the necessity for Park Cameras to grow as a business and stand out in the competitive digital space.

Our success story unfolds through a commitment to continuous improvement. By harnessing the power of Onefeed’s proprietary Client Centre system, we optimised the product feed, enhancing data quality. This, in turn, boosted marketing efficiencies, enabling swift launches of new releases and promotions across the Paid channels positioned Park Cameras ahead of competitors, contributing significantly to sustained growth.

A fundamental aspect of our approach is a rigorous testing plan. We strategically evaluate new and seasonal ad copies to ensure effective messaging and explore diverse ad creative types, such as video and carousel formats. This iterative process aims to identify the most impactful content tailored to Park Cameras’ unique audience.

Moreover, our strategic targeting extends to the implementation of saved and custom website audiences using interest and website data to craft the most engaged audiences. This precision ensures that the right message reaches the right individuals at the right time, maximising the impact of Park Cameras’ campaigns. Our cross-channel collaboration ensures that messaging and promotions align seamlessly across various paid and organic digital channels, creating a cohesive and effective digital presence for Park Cameras across Meta’s platforms across the social sphere.

Key Performance Stats

Roscoe Atkins
Owner, Managing Director

Cross-Channel Revenue Growth

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